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MULTIPLE ENTRY 3 YEAR VISAS (for US citizens only) valid for up to 36 months. Maximum stay up to 6 months starting from the date of each entry.

Tourist Visa*

Processing:16 business days.

To apply for a visa to Russia, you need to fill in the application questionnaire and attach the following: 
1. Valid passport with two clear pages for the visa.
2. Two photos of passport size.
3. Payment (check or money order made out to Multichoice Group).
4. If you had USSR or Russia citizenship, you need to attach a copy of your old USSR passport (the page with personal data and photo, visa with which you left the country/immigrated and border-crossing stamp) or a copy of a document that proves lack of/abandonment of Russian citizenship. Otherwise, your visa application will not be considered.

5. Application.

You need to forward this document package to the following address:

Multichoice Group
3855 Holcomb Bridge Rd.,
Suite 300
Norcross, GA 30092
Attn: Visa Services

Please send your documents with a certified postal service (USPS Express, Fedex, UPS, etc.)
Please note that Multichoice Group cannot guarantee your visa issue by the embassy/consulate. 
The embassy/consulate reserves the right to invite you for an interview in order to make a decision on your visa application. 

Please note that due to ongoing changes at the Russian Consulate, prices and processing times can change without notice. Please check out web-site regularly for further updates.



Last Name (as in passport):

First and middle names (as in passport):

Any other name ever used:

Date of birth:

Place of birth:


Marriage status:

Name of your wife/husband:

Date of birth:

Place of birth:

Date of entry to Russia:

Date of departure from Russia:

Passport Number:

Passport Date of Issue:

Passport Expiration:

Home Address:




Home Phone:

Day Phone:

E-Mail Address:

Earliest Known Date of Departure from USA

Please enter cities you intend to travel to:

What type of visa is needed: (business, tourist)

Citizenships: Present citizenship, other citizenships ever held

Have you formerly had USSR or Russian citizenship (if yes date and reason for loss of Russian citizenship):

Place of work or study (if working/studying):

Employer/School Name:


Employer/School Address:

City, State, Zip code:




Russian institution or organization to be visited: - For Tourists: Name and Reference Number of the Host Tourist Company issuing the voucher and confirmation (generally found on the seal), - For Businessmen: Name and address of the Host Organization, -For Private Persons: Names and Home Address of the Host

Person or hotel in Russia with whom you plan to stay

Person’s Name/Hotel name:

Date of birth:



Are you going to be part of a tour group in Russia? (if yes): Indicate the name and reference number of the tour group

Do you have a medical insurance policy valid in Russia? (if yes): Please provide detailed information

Who will finance your trip to and stay in Russia?

Information about your Parents:

Father’s name (First, Last and Middle name – the Russian government calls the middle name the “Patronymic Name”)

Mother’s name (First, Last and Middle name – the Russian government calls the middle name the “Patronymic Name”)

List all countries you have visited in the last ten years and indicate the month and year of visit

List all countries that have ever issued a passport to you: (if you have only ever had a US passport, list USA).
*Note: You must not leave this question blank. Any country that has issued a passport to you in the past must be listed, including the country of your current citizenship.

Previous two jobs held excluding the current one:

Provide Employer’s Name:





Start Date (month, year)

End Date (month, year)

Provide Employer’s Name:





Start Date (month, year)

End Date (month, year)

Previous education institutions attended excluding high school and current institution: Provide Institution’s Name:

Course of study:



Start Date (month, year)

End Date (month, year)

List all professional, civil or charity organizations with which you are involved. If none, answer “None”

Do you have any specialized fire-arms training?  If yes, explain details, if none, answer “None”

Have you ever lost your passport or had one stolen?

Have you ever performed military service? if yes, indicate the country,




Date of service:

Have you ever been involved in an armed conflict? (either military service or as a victim) If yes, please specify

Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense? (If yes): Please provide detailed information

Have you ever been afflicted with a communicable disease? (If yes): Please provide detailed information

Have you ever been a drug abuser or an addict? (If yes): Please provide detailed information

Have you ever been refused a Russian visa?  (If yes): Please provide detailed information

Have you ever been issued a Russian Visa? (If yes): When were you issued your last Russian visa?

Has your Russian Visa ever been cancelled?

Have you ever tried to obtain or assisted others to obtain a Russian visa by providing misleading/false information?

Have you ever overstayed your Russian visa or stayed unlawfully in Russia?

Have you ever been deported from Russia?

Do you have any relatives staying in Russia now? (If yes, full name, relationship, date of birth, permanent address)

Do you have any specialized skills, training or experience related to fire-arms?

Explosives/nuclear matters?

Biological/chemical substance? If yes, please specify